18 de novembre de 2016

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Seeds of Adventure for giving me the experience of a life time. This summer, I was set up with a family in Barcelona for three weeks in hope to improve my Spanish speaking skills; it was a success! Although the family spoke no English, it allowed me dive right in and pushed me to learn. The family fit perfectly having two daughters, one my age. We got to know each other over the weeks and by the time I had to go, it was hard to say goodbye. Not only did I learn tons about the Spanish language, but also got to experience a different culture where I was introduced to new customs and amazing food. With an active and excited family, I got to tour around many different towns and experience cultural aspects of Spain including art museums, parks, concerts, and more. I will have the memories of this trip forever and would love to go back sometime. I definitely recommend the program to anyone interested in expanding their horizons and learning more about the language. Thanks again for such and amazing opportunity.